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The Era of Internet Artists

The Era of Internet Artists

Art for art’s sake was the motto of a group of young artists and painters who shook the very foundation of their contemporary time. While art was being judged through the lens of sophistication and refinement by the bourgeoise and the high upper classes, a movement orchestrated by young artists led the way for art to exist without preset parameters. Fast-forwarding to the modern era, we find art segregated: the over-expensive galas and art events organized by the wealthy for the wealthy, and the internet artists, mainly in the form of illustrators.

The definition of art

Art is anything created out of human consciousness that evokes emotions. It need not be a painting of Monalisa art can be a cat with her kittens that arouses a sense of warmth among children. Art is understood by the mind, not explained. As such, children have an exceptional ability to interpret images. Not having enough cognitive function to understand action through words, children’s book illustrations are essential for their understanding. Illustrators thus play an indirect yet vital role through their art. These internet artists provide children’s book illustration services at a low rate.

What is the current market situation for art?

Markets operate on supply and demand. It is undeniable that there is an ever-present demand for illustrative art. India is bubbling to the brim with potential artists. Having a vibrant and colorful culture: art is an integral part of Indian heritage. From the sculptures of Ajanta and Elora caves to the temples carved out from single boulders. India is home to artists of all shapes and sizes. It is, hence, not a surprise that in the modern era of internet art, India is not far behind. Illustrators in India are well equipped to deliver quality service and uniqueness that one can feel only through their art. These services range from but are not limited to character art illustrations, children’s book illustrations, book cover illustrations, etc.

India is home to a plethora of mystical tales that have their roots in Indian mythology. These stories are often adapted into comics by private owners or educational institutions. Internet artists also provide comic illustration services. The unique art style associated with the Indian culture gets implemented in these comics. Even for international projects, Indian illustration artists incorporate an exotic art style that fancies the readers of mundane and contemporary styles.


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