Illustration In The Modern Era

Illustrations have been a part of printed literature. They have become a commonplace sight among the old pages of biblical scriptures. However, in this modern era, the illustrations have become more digitised, like the rest of the world. It has developed from the wooden frames hand pressed onto scriptures. Then through the era of the printing press and finally to the modern illustration found on the internet.

Let us explore some of the common examples of Illustrations:

  1. Children book illustrations: One of the most common forms, is widely used both online and offline. The engaging nature and the plethora of colours, the realism imitating shapes, engages the minds of young children. Books for children were traditionally instructional, fables and fairy tales were either orally conveyed. It was much later when they got their printed version. In the modern era, illustration aid the text. It serves as a visual representation of the action described in the text, which engages visual cognition. Children’s book in the modern era is an amalgamation of instructional text, moral lessons and memorable stories. The use of illustration is not encouraged but considered mandatory as they get embedded deep within the subconscious. Hence we all remember our nursery rhymes but not the poems from our middle school. Similarly, the child will remember the images of their favourite picture book even after growing up.

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