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Illustration In The Modern Era

Illustration In The Modern Era

Illustration In The Modern Era

Illustrations have been a part of printed literature. They have become a commonplace sight among the old pages of biblical scriptures. However, in this modern era, the illustrations have become more digitised, like the rest of the world. It has developed from the wooden frames hand pressed onto scriptures. Then through the era of the printing press and finally to the modern illustration found on the internet.

Let us explore some of the common examples of Illustrations:

  1. Children book illustrations: One of the most common forms, is widely used both online and offline. The engaging nature and the plethora of colours, the realism imitating shapes, engages the minds of young children. Books for children were traditionally instructional, fables and fairy tales were either orally conveyed. It was much later when they got their printed version. In the modern era, illustration aid the text. It serves as a visual representation of the action described in the text, which engages visual cognition. Children’s book in the modern era is an amalgamation of instructional text, moral lessons and memorable stories. The use of illustration is not encouraged but considered mandatory as they get embedded deep within the subconscious. Hence we all remember our nursery rhymes but not the poems from our middle school. Similarly, the child will remember the images of their favourite picture book even after growing up.
  • Caricatures: Made famous in England, this was a common ploy to defame the political opponents. Often portrayed to a hyperbolic extend as suited by their propaganda. In the modern era, it servers both as a social message and at a personal level entertainment. People often make a caricature drawing and print it on cups or T-shirts as a gift.
  • Concept Art: it is a modern form made famous by the fantasy genre and gaming industry. Concept art is the first draft view of a particular character or item. It is a natural urge to witness a creature from one’s favourite novel gets represented visually. From famous tabletop games getting their own digital game to classic mythological creatures, all require an initial draft presentation before being implemented into their respective media. Concept art is also an excellent form of advertisement; the art gets posted around the internet, which generates hype for an upcoming project.
  • Comic Book Illustrations: A generation-defining art, comic books have been a part of numerous children’s lives. Comic book giants are trying to get their famous comic book characters on the big screen. This fact, coupled with the success of the movies, only point toward the success of Comic books. They can be considered the most popular form of illustration. It is no doubt a delight to read a comic book: the outlines, the action, the art style, the corny interjections, quippy dialogues are elements that one enjoys from comics.

Conclusion: Not everyone is an artist if one can write titillating stories while the other can draw actions better than words. The internet is home to the Best illustrators the world has to offer. Mooneye Design House is an Indian illustration agency that provides children’s book illustrations and digital illustration artists for all your illustration needs.