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About Mooneye Design House

We Love making all kinds of illustrations including children’s books, book covers, digital portraits, concept art,
cartoon, character design, game illustrations comics. The illustration will be provided is of high quality and very detailed.  

The process of hiring children’s book illustrators is a difficult one. There are many factors to take into account, such as the illustrator’s style and the intended audience.

We are Mooneye Design House, We Design...


Children's Book Illustration

We provide attractive childrens book illustration services including cover art and character art illustrations at affordable cost and within quick TAT.


Caricature Drawing

Our talented artists draw amusing and lovable caricatures of your guests. Everyone enjoys watching our caricaturist at work and many go home with a memorable ..


Character Design

Our Character Design Services. We create graphic character designs fully tailored to specific needs such as styles, methods, formats, etc.


Comic illustration

Comic illustration services to create comics and cartoons for a book, advertisements, presentations, publications, or a special illustration project.

We Love What We Do!

Hiring Children's Book Illustrators....

Mooneye Design House came into being when two brothers decided to bring their vision to reality: to go global with their creativity. A concept now brought into existence by Mooneye Design House creators with their clients scattered across the USA, London, Denmark, India etc.

Brought up in an artistic environment with their father being a naturalistic photographer and mother an expert in sewing crafts, the brothers started drawing since the day they could hold a pencil. After completing their education from art school, they started their little endeavor to turn their passion into full-time work experience and began learning digital drawing.

Now with 18 years of experience together, the brothers are working as full-time children book illustrators, building a team, and living their dream.




solution for All budgets

It doesn’t matter if you want to invest big or small. Mooneye Design House is your best buddy when it comes to choosing the best package. We offer the best value for money package along with our high-intense creativity.

we are a global brand

We have clients across the USA, Denmark, India, London, and all over the world. With the vast experience we have, we know what clients want for what type of audience. That is why our art maestro is successful in providing you the best illustration.

what's our x-factor

Maximum creativity and vast experience in this field – these are the two reasons why we are one of the best illustrators in India. 18 years is a long time! So, when it comes to providing the ultimate illustration to amaze the audience, we are your best option. We understand the audience well.

What Can We Offer You

Hire The Best Freelance Children's Book Illustrators

Do you want your illustrations to be the best? Share your ideas with us and we will give them life. We will provide you illustrations that are fun and interesting. Avail our services and STAND OUT among your peers.

Exceptional illustrations – original and distinct in style

A series of revisions to get your illustrations look perfect

Cost-effective services that suit your budget

A flexible team all along the way of ensuring your happiness

The final illustration in your desirable format

Full ownership right

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